[Tech] Building a Multi-level Home Network (Part 2)

So far we have the modem and router connected, the garage and underneath the house connected up. That’s a total of 3 rooms. Next up, we have our TV in the living room/kitchen and a media center traditionally connected via wifi – as you can imagine, it was a bit laggy. So, like any self-confessed geek, we had to run a cable up to behind the TV.

The only way we could get a cable up to the TV is via under the house, connected to switch #2. We had to drill a hole through about 25-30cm of concrete and ran a cable up underneath the house and through a wall and into another switch (#4).


Currently, we have an OTT box that is functioning as our home entertainment device. It runs KODI and pulls tonnes of free TV shows and movie streams from the internet. It’s running a version of android and runs Chrome, Spotify and Netflix apps among others quite easily. This replaced an old laptop that used to be the entertainment workhorse.

So currently, we have all floors covered with Wifi and connectivity except the upstairs floor. Currently, there is a wire running from the bottom floor backbone switch, up the side of the house and directly into my bedroom. This wire is connected to AP #5 and services all the bedrooms upstairs on this side of the house, the other side of the house is serviced by AP#4 which is directly underneath those bedrooms.

In the future, I’d like to replace all the AP’s (Which are currently all TP-Link) with better quality devices. Possibly Ubiquiti or Ruckus, and also replace all the switches with ones that support VLANs to increase security.

Stay tuned for more on the home network!


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