[Career] 3 tips for landing your dream job

[CIn today’s recruiting environment, it’s getting more and more arduous to land a job at your ideal workplace. With mediums such as Linkedin, recruiters and a myriad of other means of getting employed, it seems that there’s just too much noise out there and good candidates really need to stand out to get noticed.

I’ve recently landed a job with a highly sought after company in Australia that is headquartered in Silicon Valley. I’m not going to say the name, but you would definitely know about this company, and people are lining up to get in the door with thousands of resumes being submitted monthly. To get in, you have to be different and persevere.

Here are some tricks that have worked for me personally and will work for you too.

Send in your resume via the online careers page

Self-explanatory, yet needs to be done. Send your resume in and cover letter via the standard medium and see if they bite. Most of the time, if it’s a well sought after position they may not get back to you even if you are eminently qualified for the role. The truth is, there are many people who applied that are excellent for the position, it’s up to you to show the extra initiative and put yourself out there for HR to see.

Have an excellent Resume and Linkedin presence

I’m not going into too much detail about this since it would require a few articles of itself. But it’s imperative you keep your resume short, concise and to the point with as few pages as humanly possible. Your Linkedin needs to look clean, crisp and not show any oddities such as really short employment time with certain companies without explanation, or long periods of absence without explanation.

Send an email directly to the HR manager

You’re probably thinking ‘how the hell am I going to do that?” Well, I would have thought the same way had it not worked out for me. After not receiving any response after a few months of waiting for a reply. I scoured Linkedin for the HR team of my company. I made a short list of people who may be responsible for recruiting for my position.

Now here’s the tricky part, we need the HR manager or recruiters direct work email address. There i a few ways to get a hold of this.

  1. Most companies have standardised email address layouts. I.e. Firstname.Lastname@company.com or firstinitial.lastname@company.com. You get the point. Now it’s up to us to find out what the company uses. First, scour any websites and LinkedIn pages and try to find anyone’s email address at the company. You can even put in a request to get contacted via email as a fake person just to see what the email address looks like. You could call up and ask for an employee’s email address or any other creative ways you can think of.
  2. Use a chrome extension such as Clearbit Connect. This is what I used and it worked a treat (especially since the company I was after is pretty big and well known, smaller firms may be more difficult to find). This app has a database of work email addresses of employees at tonnes of firms. Find the email of the HR manager (Remember, you found their names from Linkedin?) and bingo, you have a direct line to the HR manager!
Now, we have a name, an email address and that’s it. What we want to do is send an amazing, outstanding email to the HR manager asking for a meeting.

You’ll want to keep the email short, concise and to the point. Subject line should be something like “Resume – Title of the position”. This is important because their inbox is most likely extremely full of emails!

An example email could look like:

Hi insert name here,

I have recently applied for the insert role here, but I’m so interested in the opportunity that I wanted to reach out directly because my background makes me particularly well suited for the position.

insert company name is seeking someone who is energetic, enthusiastic and customer service oriented. As you can see from my CV, I’ve excelled in all these areas for insert previous company and would relish doing the same for insert company name.

Recently, insert some example showing you’ve done your research here.

I have always wanted to work for insert company name because I believe in the mission insert company name is striving for, that is, insert company mission.

I would love to speak with you about the opportunity at your earliest convenience. When would be a good time to meet? I am available next week on any day besides Wednesday or Friday. Anytime the following week is also good for me. Please find attached a copy of my CV and Linkedin recommendations, and feel free to contact me either by phone or email (details in signature).

Thanks very much for your consideration and looking forward to speaking with you soon.

Kind Regards,

insert your name

Now you could change that email around to work better for your role, but you get the point. You’ll also want a professional signature for your email, a copy of your resume and a  PDF of all your LinkedIn recommendations (if you have them).

Timing is everything

Last but not least. timing is everything and to make yourself really stand out you need to show that you’re a world class performer! And world class performers are up and working at ungodly hours of the day right!? Hopefully you do that, but if you don’t then there’s an app for that also. Grab yourself the boomerang app for gmail and set a time to send the email, say, 6:30am? (Hopefully their phone is on silent!). This will show the HR manager that you’re up at 6am sending emails because you’re soo keen for the role! Great way to seperate yourself from the crowd.

These are  a few tips that worked for me, hopefully they’ll work for you too.

Any comments, leave them below. Until next time, good luck!


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  1. Really good recommendations. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. meliomind says:

      Anytime! Hope you had some success with these.

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      1. Actually, I did. It helped me ‘land my dream job’ 🙂 Thanks again.

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