[Health] Layne Norton’s PH3


Layne Norton’s PH3 is a diet and exercise regimen focusing on the big three compound lifts. These are squats, deadlifts and benchpress. I’ll be following this program for 13 eeks. My goal is to inspire myself and others through a series of consecutive, documented blog updates to keep track of not only physical progress, but also mental stamina along the way. Keep up to date and follow me on this journey for 3 months. Any questions, pop them in the comments section below.

I’m not going to get into the fine details of the program since it is in itself quite complicated, although you’re more than welcome to click the link below.

Click here for detailed information on exactly what the PH3 program entails

Day 1 – Squat, Bench, Deadlift

Day 2 – Upper-body Accessory

Day 3 – Squat & Bench / Lower body accessory

Day 4 – Rest

Day 5 – Bench & Deadlift / Upper-body accessory

Day 6 – Squat plus sets / Lower-body accessory

Day 7 – Rest


Detailed information on Nutrition & Supplementation

Current Bodyweight as of 09:15 on Sunday 3rd of July 2016 is 81.7kg 

Current bodyfat percentage using the ‘Jackson/Pollock 3 Caliper Method’ and Accu-Measure calipers is at 12.28% (10.3kg of body fat & 71.67kg of lean body mass).

Lower abs – 20mm, Chest – 10mm, Thigh -12mm

Calculator used for bodyfat percentage can be found here.

Next is to jump on the BB.com website and input my bodyweight, BF percetnage, activity level, goal and diet type to find the total amount of calories I require on a daily basis and the macronutrient intake breakdown.

Based on your activity level you have three options, sedentary, moderate and Intense. If you want a breakdown of each of the three head over here.

I picked sedentary as the past few months have been mostly working at home on my laptop and not much exercise.

So my inputs are 81.7, 12.28%, sedentary, medium muscle gain, moderate fat moderate carbs. And here we have our results:



Typically, I like to be minimal in my supplementation but I do use the basics:

  1. Whey protein
  2. Creatine Monohydrate
  3. Daily Multivitamin
  4. BCAAs
  5. Fish Oil
  6. Caffeine (pre workout)

I may pick up some extra stuff a few weeks in such as Aniracetam (for focus), citrulline malate and a few others, although when I do i’ll make sure to update here.

Basic supplemenation will include 25-30G of whey a day, 3-5g of Creatine, 3-5g of BCAAs, 3-5g of Fish oil, and 1 multivitamin.

Layne reccomends Huperzine as a cognitive and focus enhancer over pre workouts, which I like the sound of (since pre workout and caffeine gets to be too much stimulation) so i’ll look into that soon. (Currently on a student budget).

One Rep Max

This entire program is built around your one rep max (1RM from now on). So it’s crucial to test this and test it right. Again, for more detailed information on this go here. This isn’t a ‘how to’ on the PH3, but my experience only step by step to help guide others and myself.

Details on One Rep Max.

After going to the gym and testing out my one rep max, the results are as follows:

Bench Press: 93kg (1RM)

Squats: 108kg (1RM)

Deadlifts: 100kg (1RM)

These lifts were done after extensive warming up, what I mean is a bunch of sets done on really low weight/no weight at all and also rotator cuff warmups. These warmups were paramount to get my best lifts whilst avoiding injury. So the results weren’t too bad, I have lifted more earlier when I was in my recent prime (I’ve hit up to 140kg deadlift and about 120kg squats in 2012/13). My goal is to return to these weights and then some.

Alright so we have our 1RM, and all nutritional limits set out for the training plan. Next steps are to lay out a basic foundation diet taking into consideration the macronutrient breakdown and caloric intake.

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